UNS S30815/ 253MA Seamless Steel Pipe
EN10297-2 1.4835,
UNS S30815,253MA
ASTM A312, ASTM A213

 What's 253MA Stainless Steel?

01. Process method: cold drawn/cold pilger.
02. Surface finish: annealed/ cold pilger.
03. Material:DIN/EN 1.4835,ASTM/ ASTME S30815,UNS S30815,253MA
04. Standards: EN 10297-2, ASTM A213/213M , ASME SA213/SA213M, ASTM A312,ASME SA312M
05. Size: (ansi/asme size as under, other standards of size is for ready choice)    
      (c). O.D.: 10.3-219MM
      (d). W.T.: 1.-15MM
06. Length: 6~12METERS
07. Delivery conditions: annealed & pickled.
08. Packing: plastic bag for each piece then packed in seaworthy wooden cases.

 Chemical Composition, %

C Mn Si P S Cr Ni N ce
0.05-0.10 0.8 Max 1.4-2.0 0.040 Max 0.030 Max 20.0-22.0 10.0-12.0 0.20Max 0.03-0.08

 The minimum value of the mechanical properties of the alloy at ordinary temperatures

Proof strength   MPa min  Tensile strength     MPa min. Elongation % Hardness Vickers. 
    450     180    35    190

S30815/ 253Ma alloy has the following features:
        253MA is a heat-resistant austenitic stainless steel (Austeniticstainlesssteel), require high creep strength (creepstrength), and good corrosion resistance force applications. Its operating temperature range of 850 ~ 1100 ℃. 253MA chemical composition is balanced so that the steel has the most suitable combination of properties within a temperature range of 850 ℃ -1100 ℃, high resistance to oxidation, since oxidation of the skin temperature up to 1150 ℃; high resistance to creep type variable ability and creep rupture strength; has good resistance to high temperature corrosion resistance and resistance to corrosion in the most balanced brush gaseous medium; a higher yield and tensile strength at high temperature; good formability and weldability as well as adequate machinability. In addition to the alloying elements chromium and nickel, 253MA stainless steel also contains small amounts of rare earth metals (RareEarthMetals, REM), which significantly improved its antioxidant capacity. Adding nitrogen to improve the creep properties of the steel and to become a fully austenitic. Although chromium and nickel content is relatively low, but the high temperature properties of stainless steel with a high alloyed steel and nickel-based alloys in many cases the same. 253Ma Application field: 253MA widely used in sintering equipment, blast furnace equipment, steel melting furnace and continuous casting equipment, rolling mill (oven), heat treatment furnace and accessories, mineral equipment and cement production equipment.

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