S31803, 022Cr23Ni5Mo3N,SUS 329J3L,1.4462,F60,S32205,2205 Duplex Steel
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Summary:S31803, 1.4462,F60,S32205,2205 Duplex Steel, pipe , fittings, flange There are two kinds of microstructure in duplex stainless steel: austenite and ferrite. Because of this special microstructure, duplex stainless steel has the characteristics of both austenitic and ferritic stainless steel, and its properties are more excellent.

#S31803/ #2205 is the representative of duplex stainless steel. In all dual phase steels, its amount accounts for about 80%. From the chemical composition point of view, 2205 can be regarded as adding Cr content to reduce Ni content on the basis of austenitic 316L grade, and fine tuning other components. Compared with 316L, the strength and corrosion resistance of 2205 are greatly improved.

Comparison of mechanical properties (Solution Annealing) (ASTM A240)









Tensile Strength (MPa)




Yield Strength (MPa)




Elongation %















Characteristics of Steel Grades    

① Due to its high content of chromium, molybdenum and nitrogen, 2205 has better pitting corrosion resistance, crevice corrosion resistance and stress corrosion resistance than 316L and 317L in its application fields, such as medium concentration chloride environment, dilute sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid.
② The yield strength of 2205 is about twice that of 316L, so the allowable stress is much higher. In the same application scenario, such as steel pipe, 2205 can reduce the thickness of thin wall and realize cost saving. At the same time, 2205 is a nickel saving steel.
③ The welding performance is good, and the welding metal and the heat modified part still maintain the same corrosion resistance, strength and toughness as the base metal.


The recommended temperature of duplex stainless steel is between - 45 ℃ and + 315 ℃. Widely used in: offshore oil platform gas gathering pipelines and treatment facilities, pressure vessels, high-pressure storage tanks, high-pressure pipelines, heat exchangers (chemical processing industry), natural gas pipelines and their heat exchanger fittings, sewage treatment system, pulp and paper industry classifier, bleaching equipment, storage and treatment system, rotary shaft, press roller, blade and blade under high-strength corrosion-resistant environment Cargo containers of ships or trucks, food processing equipment, etc. Duplex steel pipe, duplex stainless steel pipe fittings, duplex steel flange

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