India's stainless steel anti-dumping investigation . Chinese export inhibition
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Summary:India has to Chinese cold-rolled, hot-rolled stainless steel products launched anti-dumping investigations, even the ruling to levy anti-dumping duties China hot rolled stainless steel, which will increase Chinese stainless steel products export pressure, adverse impact on the export of stainless steel

Recently, India has to Chinese cold-rolled, hot-rolled stainless steel products launched anti-dumping investigations, even the ruling to levy anti-dumping duties China hot rolled stainless steel,which will increase Chinese stainless steel products export pressure, adverse impact on the export of stainless steel.

India recently announced that the Ministry of Commerce and industry, to make the final of the 304series of imported hot rolled stainless steel anti-dumping case, suggestions on Chinese, from South Korea and Malaysia 304 series of hot rolled stainless steel anti-dumping duties.

Shanghai said one analyst anti-dumping investigations initiated, India will increase Chinesestainless steel products export pressure, in 2015 Chinese steel export situation is not optimistic in the environment, stainless steel product exports will also be inhibited.

In addition to hot rolled stainless steel products, cold rolled stainless steel products Chinese also suffered from the Indian anti-dumping investigation. As early as the end of 2014, the Indonesiananti dumping Committee issued announcement said, should be the application of domestic industries, decided to China, cold-rolled stainless steel imported from Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan area to launch anti-dumping investigations.

China stainless steel producing countries, stainless steel production has been for many years to occupy half of the country of the world's total output. With the rapid development of stainless steelindustry, stainless steel China exports continued rapid growth.

Chinese Special Steel Enterprises Association of stainless steel branch of statistical data shows,2014 Chinese stainless steel output rose 14.27% to 21692000 tons, about half of the global total.The year 2014, Chinese exporters of stainless steel 3850000 tons, an increase of 1197000 tons,an increase of 45.12%.

India in the future will be on China stainless steel tubes and stainless steel seamless pipe alsoinitiated anti-dumping ,is now we worry.


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